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"Bad Boys: Ride or Die" - A Nostalgic Movie, Fun Ride with a Few Bumps

Sometimes, I just need to sit and watch a fun adventure movie thriller after a long day at work. So, I just caught a sneak-peek of the new "Bad Boys" franchise movie, known for its explosive action, buddy-cop humor, and over-the-top stunts in "Bad Boys: Ride or Die." This latest installment sees actors, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reprise their roles as Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, respectively. While the film delivers the expected thrills and laughs that fans have come to love, it also stumbles in a few areas, making it a somewhat bumpy but fun ride, a stress reliever after a hard days work.

The Good:

  • Action and Spectacle: "Ride or Die" doesn't disappoint when it comes to delivering high-octane action sequences. Explosions, car chases, and shootouts are aplenty, satisfying the adrenaline cravings of action movie enthusiasts.

  • Chemistry Between Smith and Lawrence: The comedic duo's chemistry remains strong, with their fun banter and playful jabs providing much-needed levity amidst the chaos. Will Smith remains fun to watch on the big screen, despite the recent mix-up, hubbub in the news with Chris Rock. Smith delivers a solid action performance.

  • Nostalgia Factor: Fans of the previous films will appreciate the nostalgic nods and references to earlier installments, adding an extra layer of enjoyment for longtime viewers.

Watch Video Trailer "Bad Boys: Ride or Die" movie ...

The Bad:

  • Formulaic Plot: The story line follows a familiar but pleasant adventure formula, with the detectives being framed and having to clear their names while facing a formidable villain. This lack of originality can feel familiar, making it a fun stress-free ride, requiring less thought, just in my view pure fun.

  • Uneven Tone: The film in a few scenes struggled to find a consistent tone, wavering between serious action and comedic moments. This can be jarring at times, as the humor occasionally undercuts the tension of the action sequences, so more care on the transitions could have been used, but it keeps the action flowing and jokes popping.

  • Missed Opportunities: While the film touches on themes of aging and mortality, these ideas are not fully explored, leaving the audience wanting more depth and character development. The story does not dive too deep into the individual characters, as the action thriller unfolds. It didn't bother me too much, as I was in the mood for a wild ride, less complex characters, after a hard days work ... so gimme mindless action, comedy, and predictable story line entertainment!


"Bad Boys: Ride or Die" is as expected, an action-comedy with two familiar characters that mesh well, and delivers the usual thrills and laughs, it falls in line with its movie predecessors. While the film is enjoyable for fans of the franchise, its formulaic plot, uneven tone, and missed opportunities prevent it from being a truly memorable addition to the series.

But If you're looking for stress-free, action comedy entertainment with plenty of thrill and laughs, "Ride or Die" is worth a watch. Just don't expect a groundbreaking or thought-provoking film, you might want to set your expectations, so enjoy this funny thrill-ride.

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