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Personal Trainer Mobile App Golf Basketball Soccer, Checkout E-Sports Trainer

Updated: Jul 11

I reviewed the E-Sports Trainer, the wearable mobile device invented by Shawn Moye, a father who solved the need to help his son develop the proper athletic skills. Whether its basketball, golf or soccer; the E-Sports Trainer is priced affordably to offer kids and adults the ability to experience the benefits of an individual and team sports trainer with consistent, real-time feedback writes review author, James Dean

By offering a wearable device with audio instruction and corrective feedback, E-Sports Trainer aims to monitor and improve athlete performance building muscle memory in real-time using sensors often found in expensive biometric technology that previously was only available to wealthy athletes able to hire private trainers or access expensive equipment. Now the E-Sports Trainer levels the playing field for everyone providing equal opportunity. 

The E-Sports Trainer can be used by individual kids and adults playing alone outdoors, in the gym or local sports teams on a limited budget. The mobile device is priced at $100 each, weighing less than an I-phone. It is equipped with on-board chip technology that provides instant sports monitoring, corrective form coaching with verbal feedback capabilities in 7 different languages (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish). The E-Sports Trainer is available to enhance athletic performance in basketball, football, golf, soccer and more. This wearable sports technology provides affordable personal training sessions. 

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Review Benefits:

  • Real-time Feedback: The instant feedback mechanism helps athletes identify and correct errors during practice, promoting better habits and skill development.

  • Data Tracking: The digital connectivity allows for tracking performance metrics, which can be valuable for both individual athletes and coaches in assessing progress and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Versatility: While designed with e-sports in mind, the principles behind E-Sports Trainer could be applied to various sports where consistent form and technique are crucial.

  • Ease of Use: User testimonials suggest the product is intuitive and easy to incorporate into training routines. 

  • Personal Trainer: Get feedback on your athletic skills 24/7 at just a fraction of the cost.

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On-going E-Sports Trainer Developments:

  • E-Sports Trainer App: The Moye Group will soon offer new intuitive learning functionality strengthening neural pathways and enhanced performance.

  • Scientific Validation: While customer testimonials are positive, the Moye Group is working towards getting additional independent studies, more customer feedback and further data validating the product's impact and ability to improve an athletes performance. The Moye Group is also developing a social network of athlete customers to share ideas, tips new techniques, inspire each member to reach their full potential and build an E-Sports Trainer community to make it fun for everyone.


E-Sports Trainer presents an intriguing solution for athletes and coaches from all walks of life seeking innovative sports training methods. Its focus on real-time feedback and data tracking aligns with the growing emphasis on technology driven advancements in sports.

Whether you're an athlete or coach looking to explore new tools for performance improvement, E-Sports Trainer is an affordable option. Its like having a personal sports trainer with you 24/7 at just a fraction of the cost.  Get started improving your game today, order E-Sports Trainer online $100 includes Free U.S. Shipping - Order Here

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